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Herdar Casters is a hard-working creator, innovative R&D is idle all the time, every day with tireless enthusiasm to shine, sprinkle all kinds of creativity and vitality.
Herdar Casters Brand Story
In 1982, Herdar Casters'predecessor, Heda Rubber Industry, was born in Tainan, Taiwan, where it accumulated considerable technical strength and industry reputation, and accompanied the world's logistics industry to break through and grow together.
In 1991, in order to expand production capacity, we went to Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, and established Guangzhou Unique Castor Industry, which laid the foundation of castor industry.
In 2001, we officially established Guangzhou Herdar Logistics Equipment Co., Ltd. which is our proud brand - Herdar. We have been working hard all the way to provide high-quality and high-endurance casters. We are afraid to stop our steps. Industrial production is the mother of construction and development. We hope to do our best in national construction.
In 2016, as we continue to grow, the construction of our country is also changing with each passing day. Guangzhou's old factory, with countless memories, has to open up a new sky because of urban development and tight production capacity. This year, we moved to Longmen County, Huizhou City, a treasure land. We set up a new Guangdong Youda Castor Industry Co., Ltd. here, which has more specialized production space. Industry equipment, so that we can serve a wider range of domestic and foreign customers, from Guangzhou to Huizhou over the past 20 years, all kinds of memories are still fresh, the spirit of caster production unchanged, we will also be in this second, third 20 years.
For many years, Herdar Casters has enjoyed a good reputation in the global caster industry, as well as in the domestic market among its export customers.
In every stage of production and manufacturing, the spirit of hard work always accompanies it. From bracket hardware, hub die-casting, and core glue injection process, then through welding, surface treatment, assembly and quality control testing, every caster produced by the perfect production process is the crystallization of our heart and soul.
Herdar stands for quality, unlimited innovation and the future of casters. If Herdar fails to do his best, he will never stop.

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