Brand History


The logo is made up of the golden word " 禾He " and the circle representing the wheel . The meaning is derived from the homophony of "Jin Hao Lun " in Taiwanese,meaning “Real good wheel”. In addition , this "Jin He Lun" also contains the founder Shen Yucheng's expectation for the brand of Herdar , taking it into the future by the second generation successors.


Herdar, growing step by step for 30 years


Management Team

Herdar General Manager/Shen Yucheng
Chairman of HERDAR/ David Shen

Since 1986, we have grown from a small 25 employee company to a 200 employee production plant. From making small trolley wheels and castors to AGV robotic drive wheels, we have been doing it for 11 000 days and more than 264 000 hours of hard work. It has been our mission for 30 years to meet customer requirements, who’s voice has always been Herdar’s most valuable asset. At Herdar “You talk we listen”.

Factory Capacity

What's New

AGV Application Film

Whisper quiet hand trolley (Herdar Design)

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