The reason for choosing

Reasons for choosing Herdar, Herdar Casters Brand Story


Over 30 years of industry experience, products have been exported to many European and American countries for a long time, and have stable cooperative relations with well-known manufacturers at home and abroad, with excellent quality.


Complete independent research and development capabilities, a variety of polyurethane formulations, in response to various harsh use needs.


We have branches, distributors and offices all over the country. We have rich experience in product and service and have no worries after sales.


With ISO 9001:2000 international quality management system certification, in line with the EU RoHS mandatory standard certification, both raw material sources and production processes are strictly controlled to ensure product quality.


Herdar is our own brand. We have our core spirit in R&D, design and corporate culture management.


Originated in Taiwan, it has advanced technology of globalization and technology guarantee.


The products are complete and specially customized to meet all needs.


We have our own product testing center, quality testing center and various high-end testing equipment to ensure that our products meet the quality and technical requirements.

The rapid development

Rapid Research and Development of Herdar Casters, Herdar Casters Brand Story

Behind high quality, we need strong technical force and strict quality control. Heda's self-demand and leadership lead us to evolve into a more excellent manufacturer to serve you.


Herdar Castor Capacity Scale, Herdar Casters Brand Story

Inspection equipment

Herdar Caster Inspection Equipment, Herdar Casters Brand Story

Cooperation (customer) partner

Herdar Casters Brand Story

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